Income Requirements

An applicant must gross at least three (3) times the rent on the unit applied for per month. IE: $500.00 monthly rent x 3=$1,500 a month gross income needed to qualify. We are unable to add any compensation to income such as commissions, tips, bonuses, etc.

Credit History

An applicant must have established good credit history. A minimum beacon score of 600 is required with no collections or past dues with utility companies. A beacon score under 600 would be an automatic denial.

Rental History

An applicant must have established good rental/mortgage history. Eviction and/or foreclosure will result in automatic denial. Previous landlords will be contacted as to the method of payment, condition of the apartment, terms of residency and general rental history. Persons who have established good credit history and who either because of home ownership or living with family does not have previous rental history may still qualify.


In order to be considered for residency, an applicant who has filed for bankruptcy must have maintained good credit for at least two (2) years after discharge and the beacon score must be 600 or higher. However, if the applicant has evidence that all creditors have been paid 100% of the money owed, the two (2) year requirement may be waived if beacon score is above 600.

Criminal History

All applicants will be screened for a criminal background. Favorable criminal history is required


Graduate students who do not qualify financially, but whose parents are supporting them and whose parents meet the Credit and Rental History requirements listed above may have parents co-sign to be financially responsible. Undergraduate students are not permitted co-signers, but may qualify to be a tenant if they meet above requirements.

Other Occupants

All people occupying the apartment over eighteen (18) years of age MUST apply for the unit intended to rent.

Pet Policy

Cat’s are welcome with and additional deposit and monthly fee.
Sorry no dogs.